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The first result of machine learning of the varroa destructor

The first attempt to identify varroa destructor using our model. The amount of identified parasite was limited to 20 instances in the test picture. The identification test was carried out on a photograph not used in the learning process.

Identification of honey using blockchain

Apiary: Adam Rybicki
Addr: ul. Polna 5 64-200 Wolsztyn
Country: PL
Vet no.: 302971177
Geo: 52.113943, 16.115530
Product: multi-flower honey
Weight: 1,25kg
Date of manufacture: 2018-10-20

Experimental hive powered by a solar panel

Experimental beehive powered by a solar panel :)
We are proud to show you our experimental hive
Hive type: deckchair
Frame: Wielkopolska
Number of inspection trays: 18
- weight (during calibration :))
Sensors and power supply are at the test stage. The main goal is to determine the actual demand for electricity, and evaluate the efficiency of charging using the solar panel :)
Power supply: 12V 7Ah battery recharged using a 30W solar panel

Exchange of HBEE tokens

In connection with the transfer of HBEE from the Ethereum blockchain to Blockchain Bittrack, between 1 November 2018 and 30 November 2018, HBEE tokens will be replaced. After this period, HBEE tokens will not be exchanged. Enter the address of the HBEE portfolio on the Discord channel At the same time, do not buy HBEE tokens at We will inform you about the progress and resume the possibility of buying :)
Best regards 
HBEE team :)

Blockchain comming to bees’ rescue

Blockchain comming to bees’ rescue

Starting from 22 till 25th of October, POLECO fair will take place in Poznań. This event is one of the most important and relevant happenings related to Environmental Protection in Poland as well as in Central and Eastern Europe. Their main aim is to showcase various technologies and solutions which are directly related to the sustainable development. We are pleased to inform that Happy Bee Ecological Beekeeping booths will be there for you. Happy Bee stands will be available from 23 to 24th of October in pavilion number 15 on level 0. Our presentations will be focused on the results and progress in the creation of beekeeping ecosystem. Aforementioned creation consists of various solutions related to:

1.       Creation of hive identification system, which would allow the potential beekeeper to identify the amount of beehives in a given region in order to avoid possible bee overabundance.

2.       Creation of honey identification system, which could help to reduce the risk of distribution of honey of unknown origins.

3.       Creation of sensor system that transmits data related to temperature, humidity and weight of the hive directly to an application based on android system.

4.       Creation of advanced system which could help to identify potential hive infections based on the photos provided by a given beekeeper. Aethina Tumida model is to be included in the aforementioned system.

 Above works are still only prototypes. However we would like to show you our progress and ask you to evaluate on the possible directions of our research. Furthermore, various data and solution ideas will be available via the eco-blockchain system that we have previously created.

I cordially invite all of the interested at the behalf of Eco-Beekeeping Association Happy Bee,
Adam Rybicki.


HBEE token was added to system

Sensors in hive

We have released an update of our site on charts from sensors installed inside the experimental hive.

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