Happy bee project

Happy bee project

We are an Eco-Beekeeping organization known as “Happy bee” and our main goal is honeybee protection. 
For this purpose, we conduct various trainings for teenagers and beekeepers. 
As for now, we are also working on a professional application “Varroa hunter” (Varroa destructor is an external parasite mite that attacks honeybees). 
The main goal of the aforemention application is to identify Varroa mites or aethina tumida infection on the basis of photos sent to us by a respective beehive owner.

What is varroa destructor ?
Varroa destructor (Varroa mite) is an external parasitic mite that attacks the honey bees Apis cerana and Apis mellifera. The disease caused by
the mites is called varroosis.The Varroa mite can only reproduce in a honey bee colony. It attaches tothe body of the bee and weakens the bee by sucking fat bodies.In this process, RNA viruses such as the deformed wing virus (DWV) spread to bees. A significant mite infestation will lead to the death of a honey bee colony, usually in the late autumn through early spring. The Varroa mite is the parasite with the most pronounced
economic impact on the beekeeping industry. Varroa is considered to be one of multiple stress factors contributing to the higher levels
of bee losses around the world.

What about our application
Furthermore, our application will be able to estimate the development phase of Varroa infection, suggest proper treatment and monitor its effects. 
Our app's results will be available world-wide thanks to front-end varroa map, which will be placed on easily accessible web page. 
On our web page you will be able to find information such as the number of identified varroa infections, approximate location of tested beehives as well as suggested method of treatment.In addition, our front-end will allow you to track and study the correlation between varroa infections, suggested treatment, its period (the intervals between drug administration), temperature and humidity. Thanks to these statistics, you will be able to monitor the areas in which beehives are most exposed to varroa infections. Furthermore, our website will also track the most successful treatment methods and compare their effectiveness. At present, we are on the stage of front-end development and “teaching” the application to utilize the machine learning techniques. 

How do we teach our application? 
This is a photo of the floor of the beehive on which varroa destructor lies

On the basis of this picture, a binary mask is created that looks like this


Our efforts have yielded the results of  ~39-45% analysis accuracy.

Unfortunately, the amount of data (photos of varroa infections) that we need is so large that we will not be able to collect it on our own. Hence, the idea arose. We would like to create a new cryptocurrency, Hbee token, which we could use as a separate payment method for those who would be eager to help us with the described project. We created a new token – HBEE – which will be used as a separate payment method for those who would be eager to help us with the described project. We can proudly present you this unique token that belongs to a POW (proof of work) system. A proof of work is a picture of the bottom plate of the beehive sent to our recognition system.A valid picture must contain at least one Varroa Destructor mite. A geolocalization tag, that describes where the examined beehive is, must be included.
Example in Samsung phone u  can on gps location in camera settings:

This information will be anonimized and displayed on the World Map of Varroa Destructor. The data are always presented without the exact location of each beehive and aggregated to the nearest city or area.We need plenty of Varroa Destructor pictures and those who would like to help us will be rewarded with HBEE tokens. For make wallet we recomended https://www.myetherwallet.com
We are not ICO though! We do not want your money. The only thing we need are pictures that could be used to train our U-Net Convolutional Network. For each received picture we will pay you 0,1 HBEE token. The only way to receive a HBEE token is sending a valid picture or taking part in quizzes organized on Discord official channel (#HBEE) and our Facebook profile page. Similar photos in over 90% will be rejected. Pictures without data and objects other than varroa destructor and small beetle (AETHINA TUMIDA) will also be rejected.
Below are examples of similar photos identified by our system

Now u can send your pictures here https://h-bee.org/rejestracja


Our application for Android is currently in development. Below you can see screenshots

1. This is not an ICO ( Initial Coin Offering).  This project is financed entirely by our group. We have applied for ecological grants and are currently waiting for results of the competition.  
2. We are not selling the HBEE tokens. The only way to receive an HBEE token is to perform work or win the token in an competition.  The work consists of taking pictures of Varroza parasites in honey bee hives. Theses pictures will be used for Deep Learning of identification algorithms.  Competitions will be announced on https://www.facebook.com/stowarzyszenieszczesliwapszczola/ or our Discord channel https://discord.gg/TbpmNuh
3. The application which we are developing will be freely available from Google Play store.  The only items which you can purchase is the bee hive monitoring system. This system is an addition feature and is not required for the operation of the application. The monitoring system provides features as temperature differential inside the bee hive, humidity and most importantly the weight of the bee hive. This allows to monitor the health of the bee hive and determine when to harvest the honey.

Informations about Happy Bee Association 
Stowarzyszenie Ekologiczno-Pszczelarskie Szczęśliwa Pszczoła
ul. Polna 5
64-200 Wolsztyn

KRS 0000640041
NIP 9231702474
REGON 36554865000000
BS WSCHOWA: 89 8669 0001 2005 0051 4477 0001 

Info about token:
name: Happy Bee (HBee)
tokens available: 5 000 000 
Platform BTTR blockchain
Comunnity: Discord https://discord.gg/aNgt7tm

If you like honey as much as we do it is You who can help us to make the bees' world happier! 

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